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Val Zudans, M.D., F.A.C.S.
Karen Todd, M.D.

In the modern era of cataract surgery, our ability and commitment to providing the best possible care for our patients with cataracts continues to grow. Demographic studies of our area indicate a steady increase in that segment of our population most burdened by the opacification of the human lens (cataract). Fortunately, our expertise in diagnosing, treating, and visually rehabilitating our cataract patients continues to undergo technological refinements including new state-of-the-art lens intraocular lenses.

We now know that simply using a standard test of visual acuity with the E Chart (Snellen Chart) does not begin to describe the disability produced by cataracts. Glare, light sensitivity and impaired depth, color and contrast perception can plague the cataract patient and should be included in discussions with your surgeon. Our technological advances should never overshadow the personal aspects of the patient-doctor relationship and communication remains a vital part of the process.

Once a diagnosis of cataract is made and the decision to improve vision through cataract surgery is reached, there are some important preliminary steps to perform. Because the cloudy cataractous lens will be replaced with a new clear intraocular lens implanted within the eye, accurate measurements of the eye's length and corneal surface must be obtained. At Vero Beach's Florida Eye Institute, the most up-to-date technology is available to achieve this goal. The recent addition of enhanced computer programs which further delineate differences in ocular anatomy, along with our surgeon’s experience, help in the selection of the power of the implant best suited for each individual patient.

The surgical experience need not be an unpleasant one for the patient. The caring, friendly staff at the Florida Eye Institute’s state-of-the-art Surgical Center in Vero Beach consists of the finest eye doctors, nurses, technicians, and assistants available, dedicated to the patient’s safety and well being. By performing the procedure in a most up-to-date and beneficial way, we strive to ensure the utmost safety and success of every person coming under our care. The patient receives some mild sedation and the cloudy lens is fragmented and vacuumed away with a finely tuned and controlled ultrasonic instrument. The patient feels no pain as the eye is anesthetized with eye drops. The conventional injections around the eye are avoided. This no needle technique offers safety, comfort, and a more immediate return to vision for the patient.

The ultrasonic removal of the cataract (phacoemulsification) is actually not new. The technique has evolved considerably however, and is now the absolute state-of-the-art for the removal of cataracts. With the addition of the newer flexible and foldable UV protecting implants coupled with refined self-sealing incisional methods, sutureless cataract surgery is now not only possible, but is the current standard technique of the Florida Eye Institute physicians.
Dr. Zudans and Todd's “no needle, no stitch method” offers the patient every advantage and they have performed this procedure safely and successfully on thousands of grateful patients.

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As additional refinements in surgical technique and intraocular lens designs are developed, including multifocal (Tecnis MF or ReSTOR), accomodating (Crystalens), HD monofocal lenses (Softec HD), and astigmatism correcting lenses (Toric IQ), the board certified physicians of Florida Eye Institute are leaders in making these advances available to our patients. The ability to see clearly with little dependence on glasses is becoming a reality for many patients. The technological advances combined with “good, old-fashioned care” will continue to distinguish the Florida Eye Institute as the premier eye care facility on the Treasure Coast.

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