Are you ready to experience truly exceptional patient care? Meet the happy patients of Florida Eye Institute.

Meet Corneal Transplant Patient Norma Howell

"My sight, to me, is top priority because, you lose your sight, you lose all of your independence. And, so, with me, it was scary. After meeting Dr. Shumake, I just had a peace. I had a joy. I knew I was going to be okay. And, my life is just 100 plus percent."

Meet Cataract Surgery Patient Henry Bock

"After having the cataracts removed, it was a whole new world for me. The colors were brilliant. You could almost say, “It’s like being born all over again.” It was spectacular, and it was painless. When I come in here, it’s like coming home. Everyone’s so friendly and nice. It’s just a wonderful experience."

Meet Cataract Surgery Patient Stephanie Nagel

"Prior to coming here, I wore glasses. And, the fact is, I don’t have any need for glasses. I probably have better vision than I ever did, thanks to Dr. Zudans and his expertise."

Meet Macular Degeneration Patient Patricia Bloom

"I noticed that I wasn’t seeing as clearly. Well, actually, at my regular optometrist. And, he just indicated that he wanted me to see a specialist, because he saw something unusual. And, when I saw Dr. Baudo, I just thought he was the best. I mean, he just put me at ease. His staff is friendly and courteous. They make you feel like you’re a valued patient."

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