The value of better vision is hard to measure.

But we also know freedom from glasses and contacts along with their associated costs - can be priceless.

Patients often regard LASIK as the best gift they have ever given themselves. In fact, with our fleyenancing payment plan, LASIK is more affordable than ever before.

Two payment options: (see table below)

1) Fleyenancing plan with a monthly payment as low as $100 per eye.

2) Payment in full before surgery with a 10% discount.

Payment Option Down Payment Monthly Payment Total Cost (both eyes)
One Time Payment $1800 per eye ---$3600
In-Office Fleyenancing$1000 per eye $100 per eye x14 months $4000

There are no interest charges with our in-office financing option as long as payments are made on time. Credit cards can be used for the down payment and/or payment plan.

You may also be able to use Health Savings Account funds or Flex Spending Plan funds for laser vision correction (check with your plan).

Ask about special pricing plans for Military, Police, Firefighters, Teachers, and Medical Personnel.

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